A2 Bethel International Pre-school

At A2 Bethel International Pre-School, we organize a systematic approach to stand-in independent thinking, self-expression & uniqueness by way of guided interactions with peers and teachers. Entire efforts go to focus on basic attitude and behavior which automatically leads to a future human excellence.

Our Aim is to create an inspiring, activity based quality educational support for every child. The curriculum focuses on the concept of the “each and every Child” where every aspect of the curriculum aims to nourish the children’s 5S- Touch, Taste, Hear, Smell and Sight, as we develop Intellectual, Communal, Expressive and Physical skills through varied senses experiences.


  1. Shows ability to adjust to new situations
  2. Demonstrates appropriate trust in adults
  3. Recognizes own feelings and manages them appropriately
  4. Stands up for rights
  5. Demonstrates self-direction and independence
  6. Takes responsibility for own well-being
  7. Respects and cares for classroom environment and materials
  8. Follows classroom routines
  9. Follows classroom rules
  10. Plays well with other children
  11. Recognizes the feelings of others and responds appropriately
  12. Shares and respects the rights of others
  13. Uses thinking skills to resolve conflicts


An exclusive investigated and advanced curriculum by an expert Research & Development internal team with over an era of involvement in preschool education systems.


One of the main aim is to offer opportunities for all child to succeed in an atmosphere of care and feeling valued, within this framework, child in earlier years should be able to build on what they already know, extend their skills and develop their confidence. With the added international element present in the school the children are also helping to become aware of, expose and question issues of differences in ethnicity, language, religion and culture. The structure of the early years syllabus allows for the child to become monitored and assessed by adhering to the stepping stones and early learning goals as set out in the curriculum guidance for the foundation stage for each of the six learning areas.

Who We Are

our_team_2Pursues to build a basic robust foundation for the future of tomorrow by building up an inspiring and enriching educational environment for each and every child. The fundamental aim of the school is committed towards helping children to socialize, build self-confidence, develop and establish preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently, so that they become the future pillars of the universal.


To bid a world – class International educational understanding, that prepares kids to be successful donors globally


The unique preschool curriculum has been built after having done a research & studying of the preschool systems and programs across the Globe. After cautious scrutinizing thought and research by academic experts A2 Bethel have been launched.


Developing human Excellence, Competence, Consciousness, Compassion, Commitment, Internalizing Culture, environmental consciousness and aesthetics for appreciating learning / dance / art, national pride, leadership, good academic / sport achievements leading to national prosperity, Loyalty to home, to school, to society, to the country, to realize oneness


Empowering beginners to see the world as per our hallucination for a new purpose & mission, holding attractive glimpses of the most inspiring things of life to experience the meaning of being, Sharing the wisdom, experience and legacy of pasts


Our Curriculum enriches and ensures the best Education & Learning approaches across the universe, pertinent to appropriate age and purposes, to provide students a smooth evolution to fit into entire diversified syllabus.

Our Team of Experts

The school employees are well qualified, competent and experienced teachers with an exposure to antique as well as the modern advanced teaching & learning strategies. The faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis through Annual as well as quarterly symposiums and Professional Development Sequences.