How Software Can Help Investor Relations Teams Find Potential Investors

If you are looking for investors, a range of applications can help meet people who may be interested in investing. Investor relations teams can utilize the most effective software to find and track potential investors using conversation tracking and contact management. The best possible investment software should be scalable to meet the data room book needs of a growing enterprise and provide users with an easy way to manage their relationship with prospective investors.

There are several different software solutions available to real estate investors, but one of the most popular is PropStream, a virtual real estate wholesaling service that comes with an intuitive user interface as well as a robust array of marketing features. PropStream offers skip tracer direct mail that is fully integrated and advanced property information tracking and tagging. Users can also use it to track real estate market trends, compare properties, and narrow down possible investments using advanced filters. PropStream offers a free trial version however a subscription for a month is required to remove ads and gain access to more advanced features.

InvestorLift is another option which allows users communicate with stakeholders via SMS and email directly through the platform. This allows real estate wholesalers to keep the track of their interactions with prospective buyers and sellers, while providing a single point of reference for future reference. The platform is supported by a SaaS deployment which means it can be scaled up as the business grows and demands more capacity. The GodMode feature allows users to review the full details of investment properties in a targeted area. This is a useful tool to identify potential opportunities.

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